Let’s dive into the 3D world. As it is the case with every innovation, starting sometimes can be a bit bumpy. To enable you to have a smooth introduction into the fascinating world of 3D audio and mixing in VR we’ve created a tutorial series. First, we show you the dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT ecosystem. Afterwards, we guide you through the installation process of dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT and its connection with our 3D audio spatializer dearVR PRO.


In the first clip of our tutorial series we want to give you a quick overview of our dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT ecosystem and the complementary software components. Moreover, we show you how to set up your workflow with dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT.

dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT is a standalone program that enables you to mix spatial audio directly in VR acting as a VR remote controller for your DAW. The program receives and processes data coming from the VR headset and the VR controllers. Additionally, it receives data coming from your DAW and uses them to visualize audio tracks and to control the transport functions. You can say that dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT acts like an intermediary between the audio processing and the visual representation in your googles.

The heart of the 3D audio mixing process is our 3D audio spatializer dearVR PRO. This VST/AAX/AU plugin enables you to create binaural mixes for headphones, for Ambisonics streams and for multi-channel loudspeaker setups.PRO_MultiChannel_02Using dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT you can directly control parameters within each dearVR PRO instance like the spatial object position or compare different acoustic presets.

To sum up, using dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT you don’t have the necessity of switching back and forth between the DAW and your VR production environment. You can directly position audio tracks in a virtual acoustic environment wearing your VR headset and using the VR controllers.

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In our second tutorial video we show you how to install and set up dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT together with dearVR PRO and our freeware tool dearVR AMBI MICRO.

This part guides you through the process of downloading and installing dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT and dearVR PRO. The setup used in this tutorial consists of a Windows VR-ready computer with Steinberg’s NUENDO 10.


After you have successfully downloaded and installed the software on your machine, we show you the first steps to tackle after launching dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT for the first time. In the end, your system is properly set up and you’re ready to mix in VR with dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT!

For more information, we also suggest downloading the dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT manual as it is another important resource to get started using dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT. If you are using dearVR PRO too, we also recommend downloading the dearVR PRO manual for insights into our 3D audio spatializer.

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We hope that the first two parts of our new tutorial series help you to dive into the fascinating world of spatial audio mixing. Do you have any topics which we should cover in the future? Just send us a mail!