Expansive Nothingness - A Binaural Music production

Produced in binaural audio with dearVR MUSIC and recorded throughout the weird year of 2020, the textural and experimental guitar ambient album Expansive…

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08.11.2021 / spatial audio monitoring

Spatial Headphone Compensation - a new level of reference

  Virtual monitoring is one of the most compelling new opportunities in today's audio production environment. It combines the advantages of mixing via…

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Dark Audio Moments - an Immersive Podcast by Springer

How can binaural and spatial audio enhance the emotional experience of podcasts and radio plays? The following article by VDT sound engineer Felix…

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Let’s dive into the 3D world. As it is the case with every innovation, starting sometimes can be a bit bumpy. To enable you to have a smooth introduction…

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Audio Design for unity - comparison of different audio spatializers

When working in immersive audio formats, a high-quality audio spatializer is needed to create an immersive and realistic experience. Built-in, 3D sound…

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