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Get started with dearVR MONITOR

Creating a great mix is so much easier within a perfect control room. We’ve probably all experienced when a final mix has not translated as expected to other systems. With dearVR MONITOR you access your own virtual reference-grade mix room over headphones. Mix anytime, anywhere, and in any common speaker setup from Stereo up to 9.1.6. Don’t limit yourself anymore by poor room acoustics or missing speaker setups and start producing immersive audio formats like Dolby ATMOS even today. Find out more about dearVR MONITOR and its unique features in the following article.


When designing dearVR MONITOR for maximum reliability, we focused on an easy-to-use approach, which enables you to have direct access to all important parameters.The dearVR MONITOR plugin is divided into two main areas. On top, you find a comprehensive visualization of your virtual mix room showing the selected speaker setup. The control panel below contains the three sections INPUT, CONTROL ROOM, and OUTPUT.


Being inserted in the master bus of your DAW, dearVR MONITOR enables you to monitor a variety of loudspeaker configurations on any regular headphones. Choose between all common speaker setups, starting from Stereo up to 7.1.4 and 9.1.6, and start mixing immersive audio tracks like Dolby ATMOS today.dearVR-MONITOR-input



dearVR MONITOR provides you with a personal acoustic reference you can rely on. Using Dear Reality’s outstanding virtual acoustics headphone technology, dearVR MONITOR gives you the analytical technical advantages of using headphones, coupled with the perception of mixing in a perfectly matched mix room.

Skip the boundaries of poor room acoustics or missing speaker setups and don’t get disturbed anymore by surrounding noise. dearVR MONITOR comes with five different high-quality virtual mix room characteristics that enable you to focus on your production – anytime and anywhere.dearVR-MONITOR-mix rooms


Stop spending hours double-checking how your mix translates into common listening scenarios. dearVR MONITOR’s 11 check scenes allow you to easily verify how your mix will translate into common listening environments.



In a perfect mix room, you feel comfortable with the room's characteristics or, in other words, you feel "at home“. dearVR MONITOR lets you easily adapt the virtual mix rooms to your taste using the Ambience and the Focus sliders.

Use the AMBIENCE slider to set the amount of diffusion, and therefore the vividness of the virtual mix room. With FOCUS you select the right stop between overall coloration and localization, based on the patented Clarity algorithm by Sennheiser AMBEO.


Head rotation is a crucial factor when it comes to localizing sounds in the three-dimensional space. Therefore, dearVR MONITOR provides you with the possibility to simulate rotating your head in the virtual mix room to judge your mix precisely and accurately. The master gain knob gives you access to the overall output volume of the dearVR MONITOR.dearVR-MONITOR-outputdearVR MONITOR