08.11.2021 / spatial audio monitoring

Spatial Headphone Compensation - a new level of reference

  Virtual monitoring is one of the most compelling new opportunities in today's audio production environment. It combines the advantages of mixing via…

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02.11.2021 / monitoring

Get started with dearVR MIX

It's no big secret: creating a great mix is easier in a perfect mix room with excellent acoustics. However, mixing in locations with sub-optimal acoustics…

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Dark Audio Moments - an Immersive Podcast by Springer

How can binaural and spatial audio enhance the emotional experience of podcasts and radio plays? The following article by VDT sound engineer Felix…

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Get started with dearVR MONITOR

Creating a great mix is so much easier within a perfect control room. We’ve probably all experienced when a final mix has not translated as expected to…

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Get started with dearVR MICRO

With the free 3D panner plugin dearVR MICRO, you enter the world of spatial audio quickly and with the best possible audio quality. Position sounds…

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